Mechanical Industries LLC ISO 9000 2001

Tough Parts Solutions by Mechanical Industries

HVAC Connector and McH production

Intricate Plumbing Parts

Required end forming for tube-to-tube mating and locating keyways, plus dimensional plating

Copper part production

Production and assembly of a wide variety of water, oil and air lines from copper, aluminum and both mild and stainless steel.

Head cooling tube production

Design and Production Assistance

When it looked as if an advanced engine cooling concept would not be possible due to lack of an effective tube, Mechanical’s engineering group designed the solutions, produced and modified the prototypes and manufactured the volume production, giving the customer a chance to positively impact his own market.

Large McH part design and production

The more challenging the tube design, the more valuable Mechanical’s production acumen proves to be.

Aluminum Piston for Brake Assembly

Aluminum Piston for Brake Assembly

Requires a special "hard coat" finish. Customer required that the part's surface be totally free of spiral marks, in order to achieve the desired final appearance. The hard coating was not sufficiently dense to cover such marks.

Solution was to cut groove in front of the first shoulder, then roller burnish the part. The excess metal from the burnishing was pushed into the groove, leaving a smooth and level finish.

Aluminum Piston for Brake Assembly

Dip Stick Tube

Unusual length and shape requiring multiple bends, two separate end forming operations and assembly of two fittings, one of which was glued to the tube.

MI worked with the client’s engineering department to reduce the number of different radii originally described in the print, in order to reduce both tooling and machine time, thereby creating a significant reduction in overall costs. All other operations were performed per print.

Aluminum Piston for Brake Assembly

Clevis Pins

Precise CNC milling and first class plating create a group of parts that are both hard working and beautiful.

Aluminum Piston for Brake Assembly

The Belchfire Torch Hood

Used to keep molten steel in a liquid state while being moved within the mill. Produced from 053 stainless steel tubing. Radially spaced louvers are stamped into the tube, which is held by means of an attached referencing ring and indexed under the stamping die.