Mechanical Industries LLC ISO 9000 2001

Mechanical Industries, LLC

On March 1, 2005, Mechanical Industries, whose roots date back to the turn of the 20th century, was purchased by C&J Acquisition, LLC. One of the group’s principals, Charles J. Norris, retained his position as President & CEO, the one he had held since joining the company in September 2003. The new company will be known as Mechanical Industries, LLC.

“We’ve made great strides over the last year bringing Mechanical’s performance into line with our customer’s expectations,” said Norris. “Acquiring ownership will allow us to add the equipment and personnel skills necessary to meet an ever greater range of demands”.

The Mechanical Industries C&J purchased was founded in 1948, as a general manufacturing job shop, specializing in light stampings, machined parts and rod and tube bending for the outboard motor, agriculture and engine industries. The company’s founder is credited with developing the first patented disc brake.

Over the years, Mechanical Industries expanded its customer group to include manufactures of pleasure boats, motorcycles and outdoor power equipment among others. Throughout its history, the company has maintained one focus: Provide the customer with value not available anywhere else.

At Mechanical Industries, LLC, that goal is achieved by designing, value engineering and producing, to exact specifications, in a timely manner and in the most economical way possible, high quality formed, fabricated and machined metal components and assemblies… the Tough Parts that others can’t or wouldn’t provide.

Original Patent Disc Brake